Taking care of your vehicle is an essential part of ensuring your safety, the longevity of your car, and avoiding more expensive repairs down the road. At Exton Nissan in Exton, PA, we provide a wide range of services including wiper blade replacements, engine air filter service, brake pad service, wheel alignment, battery service and replacement, tire rotations, and more. Schedule service at our service center near Exton, PA, today, and check out our monthly service specials.

Schedule an Oil Change Near Exton, PA

Changing your motor oil regularly is one of the most important maintenance tasks your vehicle needs. Keeping up with routine oil changes will extend the life of your engine and preserve its performance. It’s also good for your gas mileage and helps reduce harmful emissions. At Exton Nissan, our expert technicians perform oil changes using the best oil for your vehicle with genuine Nissan filters. Putting off an oil change can cause expensive damage to your vehicle and is a quick, stress-free maintenance task you can schedule today at Exton Nissan.

Schedule Tire Service Near Exton, PA

Keep your wheels spinning with tire service including new tires, rotations and balancing, and wheel alignment. Our team of professionals are passionate and knowledgeable about the best tires for your Nissan when the time comes to get a new set. We’ll help prolong the life of those shiny new tires or your current, well-loved ones with regular tire rotation and balancing. Proper wheel alignment will also preserve your tires while making sure your car, truck, or SUV maintains its driving characteristics and is aligned to factory specifications. Tire services can be a bit on the expensive side, but keeping up with other maintenance tasks can help prolong their lifespan. Plus, Exton Nissan offers lots of monthly service specials to go easier on your wallet while taking care of your car.

Schedule Brake Service Near Exton, PA

Whether you need to stop on a dime or cruise to a halt, the braking system of your vehicle is crucial to fuel efficiency, your safety, and your Nissan’s health. Unfortunately, there’s no rule of thumb schedule of when to replace your brakes, brake pads, or rotors. Luckily, our expert Nissan service technicians can inspect your brakes to determine the condition of your brakes and if the remaining material of the brake pads is adequate. You may notice, however, noises that indicate your brakes are becoming worn out or even a decrease in your brakes’ function. Regardless of whether or not you recognize the need to get your brakes serviced, our team of experts is here to help keep you safe with high-quality brake service.

Schedule Service Today at Exton Nissan

Keeping up with all of the maintenance required to make sure your vehicle is road-ready can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to! Schedule service today at Exton Nissan and take the hassle out of maintaining your Nissan car, truck, or SUV. Be sure to also check out our monthly service specials to get the most out of your service.

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